iPhone 5C rumors, price, release date, specs, and features

iphone 5c

Adding fuel to the rumors about Apple’s plan of releasing cheaper iPhone model made of plastic, another rumor saying that the release date of iPhone5C is approaching has flooded the markets.

Not only this, there ‘s also a leaked video that shows how this fifth generation iPhone is cased. According to the video iPhone 5C has a slimmer design and looks like iPad mini. The video came from Mac Otakara.

A new report produced by a Chinese website says that the latest model supports an 8 mega pixel camera. The leaked reports about the budgeted iPhone hint at colorful back panels made of plastic and a 4.0 inch screen.

It is speculated that Apple is supposedly making cheap plastic iPhone so as to attack the low end smart phone market. Apple will likely introduce iPhone5C along with 5S.

Philip Schiller, the Vice President of Apple, however has denied the claims of producing a cheaper iPhone. He says producing a cheap product can never be the future of Apple. They create products using the best technology available.

Looking at the prices of the recently released mid ranged handsets from companies like Sony, Samsung, HTC etc, the price of 5C can be around $350. Relating to the idea of mid range handsets, it is speculated that the ‘C’ in 5C stands for ‘cost’ or ‘cheap’.

It would be interesting to know how Apple reacts to this. It is highly doubted that Apple would want any such word associated with their products.

No doubt the market is waiting for the release of such a mid range hand set from Apple, but until the specs sheet and pricing details are released, nothing much can be said.