iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 could be launched together – Rumors, release date, specs, and features

In the past few weeks, a myriad of rumors have emerged indicating that Apple will soon be coming with its second generation iPad Mini 2 which would be the fastest small sized tablet in the market.

Apple has a reputation of introduction wow factors with its devices and with these major upgrades in its coming devices, it is sure that Apple will be dominant in the market.

Analysts have said that the iPad Mini 2 would be affecting the sales of the iPad 5 as it is possible that both of the could be launched together.

A major role in the success of any touchscreen device is its display and to make a great screen it is rumored that Apple has taken the services of LG to build the screen for its next generation iPad Mini. Apple could also switch to an IGZO panel, which is a new technology display by SHARP.

The second important factor in a device is speed. It is rumored that Apple would be launching its A7 quad-core processor with the iPad Mini 2. Further, Apple could also release the iOS 7 with the new devices according to a report.

The iPad Mini 2 would be likely launched with 16/32/64 GB of space and there are rumors that this time a 128 GB model could also be made available.

Some reports suggest that Apple could launch the iPad Mini 2 in September and some reports suggest that it would see a late Christmas launch. The track record of Apple devices suggests that it would cost the same as the iPad Mini.