iOS 7 untethered jailbreak tweak issues – Fixes and Cydia Sources

Team Evad3rs recently released the official untethered iOS 7 Evasi0n jailbreak, and if recently jailbroke your iOS 7 device, then it is possible that you might have faced a few issues.

The reason behind all these issues is that Mobile Substrate is yet to be updated with iOS 7 compatibility. However, luckily for users of an iPhone 5/5c or lower, there is a simple fix.

Unfortunately, this fix doesn’t seem to work with any of the latest Apple devices with the A7 chip, but after the successful update of Mobile Substrate, all the compatible tweaks shall work with any iOS device.

So if you are using a compatible iOS device, there is a simple video tutorial to get your iOS 7 tweaks up and running. The video tutorial is available below.

As it is depicted in the video, the idea is to reinstall Mobile Substrate via Cydia. It may not be required to reinstall Substrate Safe Mode, but just to be on the safer side it is recommended to reinstall both. After successful installation of both the devices it would prompt you to respring the device.

Once you are back on the lock screen, you can unlock and see all the tweaks restored and fully functional. As it is already mentioned, this fix will not be required once Mobile Substrate is updated for IOS 7 devices, but until then each time you reboot your device, you are required to implement this fix.

There is another tweak called Bootstrap that is said to have fixed the issue even after a reboot. Bootstrap can be found in the CydiaHacks repository by adding the following URL to your Cydia Sources: