iOS 7 rumors, news, release date, specs, and features

When Apple announced iOS 7 and its radical new look in June, that new look got all the attention.

A few new big features such as the iTunes Radio, the quick-access Control Center, and the permanent disabling of stolen iPhones are prominently featured at Apple’s website, as are enhancements to existing services like the Notification Center, Camera and Photos apps, and Siri voice-based assistant service.

But little has been revealed about some of the long-standing frustrations of iOS, either by Apple or by writers who’ve decided to violate their secrecy agreements with Apple and publish details on the beta iOS 7 now in wide testing by those with Apple developer accounts.

The new iPhone is set to release on Sept 10, there are some flaws of iOS7 which needs to be look upon.

iOS can’t create groups of contacts, and it can’t send email messages to a group synced from your Mac or PC. Both are serious issues, given how fundamental groups are to email and other communications.

Range selection:
In many apps, one can select multiple items such as emails, but only one at a time, by tapping a radio button. But the user can’t select a range, such as by tapping the first item, then moving down to the 30th and letting iOS know you want them all selected.

Combined task view:
User can see all his calendar entries in one view in Calendar, as well as all his email inboxes messages in Mail, the most recent text message from all chat accounts in Messages, and all notes in Notes, yet not every task from your various to-do lists in Reminders. It’s odd for Apple to be inconsistent across its own apps.

Allow pauses when shooting video:
There’s no pause button which can allow the user to pause a video.

Allow home screen rotation:
Many apps including most Apple apps auto rotate when we rotate the iPhone, but not the iPhone’s home screen.