iOS 7 release date, rumors, and news – Apple set to release the latest iOS on September 10th

Since the past one week the most hyped rumor running across the smartphone market is that Apple is going to reveal the successor of iPhone 5 in a media event on September 10th.

This news had been reported by AllThingsD and while it has a superb record of true reports related to Apple and the unveiling of its products, it was even corroborated by Jim Dalrymple of ‘The Loop’, who is famous for his 100 percent accuracy with conforming or refuting any Apple related rumor with his signature one-word posts. He confirmed the rumor with a simple ‘Yep’ this time. The rumor about the next iPhone being launched on September 6th was clearly denied by a straight ‘Nope’.

A few days back IBTimes had explained the maths behind why it is highly possible that Apple would formally introduce the new iOS 7 and at least one new iPhone on September 10th, as Apple has the tradition to unveil its new iPhone hardware and software at an event which takes place one week earlier.


It is also predicted by IBTimes that Apple will then release the iOS 7 on September 18th which is exactly 100 days after its June 10 unveiling at WWDC. Going back to 2012, iOS 6 was introduced on June 11th and was released on September 19th, exactly 100 days after the unveiling.

It is highly unlikely that Tim Cook with mess around with the formula behind Apple’s success left by Steve Jobs, and that is why we predict that iOS 7 would be released on September 18th and the new iPhone on September 10th.

iOS 7 will see a complete new style, a fully revamped design, colors, icons and textures, which will make it a familiar but an entirely new experience. It’s not just a design update but would introduce game-changing features and tools which would make it more intuitive and the most useful iOS till date.