iOS 7 Jailbreak Evasi0n download and Cydia update

The Evasion team has released the new iOS 7 Jailbreak, which allows iPhones and iPads running Apple’s latest operating system to install apps outside the official App Store. With an early release it seems that Christmas has come early for iOS 7 users looking for the latest jailbreak.

This news came up with a slight caution as Saurik aka Jay Freeman, the developer pointed out that the Cydia store in the jailbreak is not official and is untested. EvasiOn will soon roll out an update for the same, he added.

The EvasiOn team has made a statement to one of the leading tech site that it is embarrassed and sorry about the presence of a store that promotes piracy.

The team also stated that its agreement with Taig does not permit piracy and they will review this internally and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

The evad3r team, particularly “pod2g,” is investigating the usage of piracy. The team has asked the users not to update to an iOS 7 Jailbreak until an official version of Cydia is released.

Saurik, who is the long-time iOS hacker reported that the Evad3rs is given plenty of time to build in Cydia and sent them his latest build to try to ensure support, but they have issued the jailbreak without any guaranteed support for the largest alternative app store, or even testing Cydia to check whether it is working fine or not.

The EvasiOn team also stated that “We are very upset that despite our agreement and review by their team, piracy was found in the store.”