iOS 7 and iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak update, rumors, news, and download

There was waiting for iOS 7 so eagerly and to much surprise they are now awaiting for a fast iOS 7 jailbreak release and even for iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak.

Though few people have downloaded the latest version of iOS 7 but there are few who continued with iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 6.1.4 in hope of a quicker jailbreak to speed up their devices. But the users who purchased newer iPhones like 5S and iPad Air had no option than to iOS 7.

After much hype about the loop holes in iOS 7, and Apple launching the upgrades, there still hasn’t been any iOS 7 jailbreak tools in the market. Initial phase of October the iOS 7 jailbreak pieces had begun to surface and the progress continued from the Evad3rs.

The silver lightening on the iOS 7 jailbreak front is that work still continues on the tool and process, and that Apple appears to be readying iOS 7.1 for the masses. Though there hasn’t been any official and authentic statement, general opinion is that the team is waiting for an iOS 7.1 release like they did with the iOS 6.1 release for the last major jailbreak.

One benefit from this trend is that it would give the users all the latest features and support devices for longest period. It would save them from the hassle of upgrading their software over and over again and even letting Apple block the jailbreak vulnerabilities in a .1 update.