iOS 7 adoption is a lot higher than iOS 6

Apple posted an update on its developer website this Thursday, which had a chart that depicted the distribution of devices according to iOS version. Leading the table was Apple’s latest edition of iOS – the iOS 7, and that too with a huge margin.

According to this report by Apple, ever since the iOS 7 was released to the public, it has been installed on 74 percent of the devices as of December 1 which is really overwhelming.

It has been noted that the adoption rate of the new iOS has risen by 10 percent since October. Considering this drastic change in both the appearance and functionality of the iOS 7 from the previous iteration, this is a highly remarkable rise. Moreover, it has only been 3 months since the iOS was launched to the public and the growth rate has been really astonishing.

The iOS 7 was released by Apple on 18th of September and along with it the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were also released.

The report generated by Apple is highly beneficial for developers as they are based on App Store usage. Some days back ad network Chitika had also released almost identical data.

According to them, iOS 7 was run on almost 74 percent of iPhone users in United States, while the iOS 6 was still installed on almost 22 percent of the users. This data is based on the usage from October 25th to November 18th.

It was reported by Mixpanel too that the iOS 7 adoption rate was as high as 79 percent in US as of December 1. Its previous edition, the iOS 6, stood at a mere 18 percent.