iOS 7.0.4 Jailbreak download update, rumors, and news

After the new iOS 7.1 update, the release date of iOS 7 jailbreak may be delayed as the developers need to evaluate the update before going about the jailbreak release. However, first ever controller for iOS 7 devices was released this week to keep the gamers-community engaged.

The Moga Ace Power Controller has two analog sticks as well as a D-Pad and the usual multi-colored buttons that bear much resemblance to the Xbox 360 controller.

The controller’s starting price is $99 and is available to purchase for the smaller iOS 7 devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch.

A fascinating part of the controller is that it contains a built-in battery and will charge the iOS device it is attached to. Taking notice how much battery drain happens because of the games, this step could be a lucrative way to attract gamers.

Cutting out the rosy side of the controller, it has some loop holes which didn’t let it get 5 stars. TouchArcade’s editor-in-chief, Eli Hodapp, gave consumers a bit of a warning before making the move to buy it. Among his biggest concerns pertain to the lightning port, which has its fair share of issues.

“Even in the best games, rough edges are everywhere when using an iOS 7 controller. Virtual buttons still persist on screen regardless of whether or not you’re using a controller in most of the games I’ve tried. I’ve been the most excited for the potential of Bluetooth iOS 7 controllers, and having one that uses the Lightning port is vaguely disappointing because of the limitations it imposes.”