Inventor Aims to Restore an Extinct Glacier by Painting

An extinct glacier named Chalon Sombrero in Peruvian Andes was dried up years ago and there is this inventor named Eduardo Gold who has been thinking of restoring it today.

He believes that he can restore the extinct glacier and thinks he can create the conditions that will allow ice to form once again. Their team would paint three peaks in the Andean region of Ayacucho in southern Peru totaling 70 hectares (around 170 acres). The scientific reason of doing such thing is what we call as the “Albedo Effect”. By painting dark rocks white, less of the sun’s energy is absorbed by the rocks and more is reflected away from the Earth, lowering the temperature of the rocks’ surface.

“We are hoping to lower the temperature on the surface of the rocks from 20 degrees Celsius to five.” said Otto Gold to CNN

If the their project would be successful, Glaciares Peru will revitalize the water supply to an impoverished area of the Andes.

The albedo effect may have helped cool the area around the city of Almeria, in southern Spain.

Let’s all hope that this project would be successful. So far Gold and his team have covered three hectares already.