Internet Explorer (IE) 11 for Windows 7 download update


Internet Explorer 11 arrived for Windows 7 last week, it is not only serves as the default browser, but also powers some of the new-style apps in Windows 8.1.

It is available globally in 95 languages. Announcing the release on a blog post, the Redmond giant emphasizes the speed improvements in IE11, Microsoft calls it 30 percent faster than competing Windows 7 browsers for loading and rendering real world Web sites.

Microsoft claims IE11 has improved JavaScript performance, with the new Chakra JIT compiler, and more efficient garbage collection. The company also claims IE11 reduces CPU usage, thereby improving battery life on mobile PCs.

IE11 advances JavaScript performance, while ensuring compatibility, interoperability, and security. On Windows 7, IE11 is 9% faster than IE10, which is nearly 30% faster than the nearest competitive browser. IE11 also supports HTML5 drag-and-drop as well as device awareness.

IE11 includes support for the well-defined and commonly used features of the emerging ECMAScript 6 standard including let, const, Map, Set, and WeakMap, as well as __proto__ for improved interoperability.

IE11 also supports the ECMAScript Internationalization API (version 1.0), which enables culture aware sorting, number formatting, date and time formatting to be performed efficiently in JavaScript without having to round-trip to the server.

“It’s about making the Web better for everyone, not just IE,” said Roger Capriotti, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer marketing director. IE 11 on Windows 7 includes many under-the-hood improvements that Microsoft hopes will make IE a compelling platform to write code on.

You can download your IE11 through this link.