Infosys to pay the settlement for the problems with US immigration


Few days back, Infosys, the Bangalore-based Indian company, agreed to pay $34 million (Rs 210 Crore) to settle all federal investigations, the investigations were into whether the company had sent Indian workers to the US on cheaper business visit visas (B1) instead of work visas (H1-B).

The investigation started in 2011, and Infosys has vociferously denied the charge. The investigating agency has not yet determined if the investigations would lead to criminal or civil charges, because of which the names or the nationalities of the companies have also not been revealed.

Nasscom, the industry body has also accepted that there have been discussions between other companies and US government officials on the topic of visas.

Mr. Som Mittal, president of Nasscom, also said in a statement that the Infosys case was old and over the last 3-4 years there have been many discussions between the companies that use the visas and US consular and government officials, according to him there is nothing new that will be triggered.

The Indian IT industry, which exported services worth $75 billion in FY13, is now facing strict rules related to US visa rules. But then, the Infosys fine has intensified the issue for those calling for stricter restrictions on Indian firms.

Hours after the Infosys settlement, Senator Chuck Grassley called for a thorough investigation of the B-1 visa program meant to prevent companies from by-passing the stricter requirement of the H-1B visa scheme. The experts still expec some fallout from the Infosys case, even without further fines or civil case.