India submarine blast: Was it a sabotage?


Defence minister AK Antony said that deliberately destroying angle is under the investigation for being one of the reasons behind explosions on Indian Navy’s destroyed submarine INS Sindhurakshak, and the minister self-confessed that the incident has slanged a shadow on the force’s capability to safeguard the country’s maritime interests.

On August 14 giving clarifications in Rajya Sabha, Antony said the navy has also ordered a study to judge the status of weapons on board the submarine in view of fear of any further explosion during any rescue operations.

Antony said that “The navy has ordered a Board of Inquiry (BoI)”, but nothing is ruled out. Several members including Tarun Vijay of BJP and Naresh Agrawal of SP are wondering whether sabotage was one of the reasons behind the incident.

The minister revealed that they cannot say convincingly about the exact cause of the incident. He said that our armed forces are also anxious on this issue and the forces work on war footing on these aspects.

Out of the 18 personnel on board Sindhurakshak, eight bodies had been found till Wednesday and had been sent to naval hospital for postmortem, the minister said.

He stated that five international and Indian companies are involved in for the retrospection of the vessel and after it is dewatered and brought up, a team of Russian experts will also investigate.

Antony said “The rescue team has been asked to carry on a detailed study to measure the state of explosives on board and quantify the risk associated with deliberately destroying the submarine as there are fears about the further explosions”.

The water sample from the torpedo compartment of Sindhurakshak has been inspected in a Pune laboratory and the result of the investigation does not indicate any presence of any TNT in the water samples, Antony said.