IBM launches zEnterprise: The most cost-effective Mainframe

IBM (International Business Machines Corp), one of the giants in the computer industry launched Thursday their latest zEnterprise. They describe it as the most cost-effective and most powerful mainframe ever than previous generation products. It said to be 40-60 percent faster that its System z10 yet uses about the same amount of electricity.

The company has been aiming to secure its market leadership in mainframes, where most of the companies are using to process high volumes of data and financial transactions.

To quote from the statement of IBM’s System ‘z’ mainframe business head Tom Rosamilla, the core server in the zEnterpirse system contains the world’s fastest and the most powerful microprocessors. Running at 5.2Ghz will allow it to execute more than 50 billion instructions per second. It also includes new software to help handle data-heavly workloads by utilizing predictive analytics technology, he added. Moreover, it also comes with a water cooling option, which reduces energy consumption to up to 12 percent.

This new mainframe has been didactically researched for 4 years and the company spent $1.5 billion for it. Its price has not yet been disclosed but more likely it wold be lower than for the z10.

A lot has been looking forward for this mainframe to come. We will be posting updates as soon as we get it.