Hyundai Veloster Turbo will be coming to SEMA Motor Show 2013


Next month, Hyundai will be coming fully loaded to SEMA. The company has already revealed a pair of modified Genesis Coupes, one of them featured a pretty body kit, and the other was powered by a 1,000 Horsepower engine.

The Korean carmaker has recently unveiled a 370-hp Veloster Turbo that could be one of the most impressive Veloster ever in the auto market.

The company will introduce a unique Veloster Turbo at the SEMA Motor Show, in the partnership with Fox Marketing Cars. The experts have also described the Veloster as the “most powerful street-focused Veloster Turbo ever.”

The new and the enhanced features of the car include a bigger turbo and front-mounted intercooler, optimized ECU, aluminum cold air intake, AEM water/methanol injection system, cat-back exhaust, and Nitrous Express N-intercooler sprayer, which in short will help the engine to produce 370 bhp (276 kW).

The engine’s additional 169 horsepower is kept under surveillance with a full-adjustable coil over suspension, strut brace, sway bars, and upgraded brakes that give the car a “neck-wrenching stopping power.”

The styling kit of the Veloster include a front lip spoiler and revised grille, whereas the interior of the car is fitted with Takata racing seats, four-point harnesses and custom steel bases.

Exterior modifications of the car give the Veloster Turbo an aggressive appearance that perfectly complements the engine and chassis upgrades.

The company has planned to show the car at SEMA from November 5th, which further will be joined by aforesaid Genesis Coupes and an EGR Group Veloster Turbo.