Huawei will Face Lawsuit from Motorola

Motorola Incorporated, one of the biggest US mobile phone makers has filed a lawsuit against China’s Huawei Technologies Co for alleged theft of trade of secrets. It was previously filed in the year 2008 against its former workers for sharing trade secrets with Lemko, which was believed to have a reseller agreement with Huawei.

Last July 16, the complaint was amended claiming that a certain engineer has shared a certain shared information about a Motorola transceiver and other technology with Ren Zhenfei, Huawei’s founder.

Quoted from suit: “Huawei and its officers knew they were receiving stolen Motorola propriety trade secrets and confidential information without Motorola’s authorization and consent.”

Huawei answered the allegation saying that the lawsuit has no grounds. “Huawei has no relationship with Lemko, other than a reseller agreement. Huawei will vigorously defend itself against baseless allegations.” – Huawei

Lemko on the other hand could not be reached to their answers to these allegations. These kind of cases has been very difficult to prove in court using evidences.

Engineers of Motorola has been required to sign a confidentiality agreement upon entering the company. The company will continue to defend its intellectual property, according to Jennifer Erickson, Motorola’s spokesperson.

Both Huawei and Motorola has been rivals in the telecom industry and were once giants in this field. As of the moment, both companies has been struggling with various fall backs and it seems that their fortunes have diverged.