Hour of Code program


Organizers of the Hour of Code, a five-day-old initiative to give programming lessons to kids during the Computer Science Education Week, have reported that program will soon cross the 15 million student mark.

The Hour of Code had been promoted at a lot of high places. It was on the front page of both Google and Apple websites and a promo video was even made by U.S. President Barrack Obama.

The traffic that drew to the Khan Academy due to the efforts made by Code.org was so huge that the non-profit educational website went down for some time.

However, the biggest referrer to Code.org for the entire program was individual teachers and schools who used the programs in their classes to teach the students.

This was reported by Hadi Partovi, co-founder of the organization with his brother Ali Partovi. The two are repeat tech entrepreneurs and have raised millions of dollars to help the disappointingly low percentage of computer science classes in the school in United States.

The organization was hoping to get at least a millions students to opt for the program but they were surprised by the incredibly overwhelming response.

Almost 4.5 million students had signed up in advance. And now the week is going to end with over 15 million signings which is just incredible. This implies that every other school family in the US had opted for the Hour of Code.

Moreover, the figure of 15 million excludes all the offline coding classes conducted, which would be submitted by teachers over the weekend. The Computer Science Education week will officially come to an end on Sunday at midnight.