Houdini Horse Mariska Goes Viral (Video)

If Harry Houdini is still alive today, he will definitely love Mariska, the so-called “Houdini Horse” by her owners. That is because if Harry Houdini is the famous escape artist, Mariska is the famous horse who has escapist abilities.

The so-called ‘Houdini Horse’ owned by Don and Sandy Bonem is a Friesian mare who has a unique ability of unlocking stables using her teeth. She is so into escaping that not only she unlocks her own stable but also those belonging to her neighboring horses as well. Oh, what a feat!

“We most certainly did not [train her]. It makes life such a challenge for us. Especially as we have only to forget just one of the back up latches or chains and she finds the weak link! She checks constantly for a way out. Mariska has picked this up on her own over a period of time,” Sandy Bonem, one of the owners of Misty Meadow Farms in Midland, Michigan.

Mariska, the Houdini Horse with her owner Sandy Bonem
Mariska, the Houdini Horse with one of her owners, Sandy Bonem

“She would always play with things with her mouth as a baby, and she just kind of progressed from that. She doesn’t like to be locked in, so she would play with each new lock until she figured it out,” she added.

You might be wondering if Mariska unlocks every lock that her owners put up for her, then how do they keep her secured? Bonem answered it in Misty Meadows Farm LLC blog.

“We have added bottom latches to the outside of the half stall. And we drilled holes into the bar on the inside stall doors where we put a pin in the bar that will not allow the bar to raise up. This works except when we forget just one pin, as the horses have access to their stalls but are rarely closed in, and she can get into all 4 stalls. She checks every window constantly. The only sure way, is to close completely the bars on the window.”

Watch the viral video of Mariska below as she performs Houdini-like abilities in unlocking her stable and that of her neighboring horses!