Hottest Bond Girls

Hottest Bond GirlsAs We All Know That James Bond Movies Are Not Only Hits By Action But Also By The Girls Which Are Too Hot And Their Action Pleased The Peoples. 

Ursula Andress

Actress: Ursula Andress Character: Honey Rider Movie: Dr. No (1962)Swiss sex bomb Ursula Andress is not only the first Bond babes, but according to us the best. She had the looks, the figure and attitude to kill. Being the first Bond girl, she put up an excellent show in telling what the franchise had to offer and bringing them back again for more. The scene of her walking out of the ocean in a white bikini and a knife is without a doubt the most iconic Bond girl scene. She was undoubtedly the sexiest Bond girl till date.

Halle Berry

Actress: Halle Berry Character: Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson Movie: Die Another Day (2002)It becomes very difficult for any actress to match Pierce Brosnan’s style. However, the sexy black actress Halle Berry did full justice to the role of a Bond girl. She was convincing in her act and very sexy in looks. In fact she was very bold in the film and exhibited a sensuality that is unmatched. According to an ITV news poll, Jinx was voted the fourth toughest girl on screen of all time.

Maud Adams

Actress: Maud Adams Character: Octopussy  Movie: Octopussy (1983)The only Bond girl who has a movie named after her, Maud Adams as Octopussy was a complete knockout. She is sexy, evil and mysterious jewel smuggler as well as a circus owner. She has this aura and mystery around her that makes her mysterious and dangerous, and hence she is one of the sexiest Bond girls ever.

Eva Green

Actress: Eva Green Character: Vesper Lynd Movie: Casino Royale Year: 2006The gorgeous Eva Green was paired with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and is responsible for bringing Bond series to life again. She was sexy and did full justice to the role. The character Vesper Lynd was initially paid by Ursula Andress in Casino Royale (1967). Hence, Eva had a tough job to fit in Ursula’s shoes, but she did a fantastic job of it. It is said that she made Vesper martinis famous among her fans.

Pussy Galore

Actress: Pussy Galore Character: Honor Blackman Movie: Goldfinger 1964 When Pussy Galore played the Bong girl she was 39. Yet she was bold enough to take up the challenge of playing a sexy Bond girl with perfection. In the movie she is not only Goldfinger’s personal pilot, but also the leader of the group Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus, who work as part of Goldfinger’s Operation Grandslam. She was also very talented and could fly, fight and make love with perfection. Her blunt cut golden locks also became iconic after the movie.

Xenia Onatopp

Actress: Xenia Onatopp Character: Famke Janssen Movie: Golden Eye (1995)What happens when you have a sexy woman who gets sexual thrill from killing? You enjoy it. This is what happened in 1995 when the hot actress, who is playing the role of a Soviet fighter pilot and KGB operative, seduces and kills her victims with her thighs. .She also became the first Bond girl to orgasm on screen , and to crush a victim’s chest and lungs between her thighs. Pretty bold huh?

Tiffany Case

Actress: Tiffany Case Character: Jill St John Movie: Diamonds Are Forever (1971)This sharp, stunning and mean diamond smuggler is the perfect adversary for suave 007. She is a beauty and looked very voluptuous in the movie, especially in the scene running around a burning oil rig in a bikini. In the movie, she is working for Bond’s nemesis Blofeld until she meets James Bond and falls in love with him.The two eventually work together and share a luxury cruise.

Daniela Bianchi

Actress: Daniela Bianchi Character: Tatiana Romanova Movie: From Russia with Love (1963)A natural beauty, Daniela Bianchi stole many hearts with her endearing performance in From Russia with Love. It is said that she was picked for the role after the filmmakers interviewed about 200 actresses. A report in says that the scene where Tatiana first meets Bond, by climbing into his bed, was used as a screen-test for all potential James Bond actors. She was charming, seductive and yet had a honesty about her that was appealing.

Michelle Yeoh

Actress: Michelle Yeoh Character: Wai Lin Movie: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)Malaysian-born actress Michelle Yeoh is the only Asian actress to play the Bond girl. Not only could she seduce well but throw punches and kick ass. A savvy Chinese spy, she and Bond develop a shaky partnership after initially being sent to kill each other. She was the first Bond girl who could resist his charm, which only make him like her more.

Barbara Bach

Actress: Barbara Bach Character: Anya Amasova Movie: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
The blond beauty is easily one of the most stunning and exotic Bond babes of all times. The lovely KGB agent, who was also Bond’s rival, had a personal agenda against Bond (played by stunning Roger Moore). She wants to avenge her former lover’s death and hence does her best to outwit Bond over a piece of secret microfilm. However, the chemistry between her and Bond was fantastic.