Hoax Rumor: Action star Jackie Chan is dead – Celebrity Gossips and Entertainment News

Rumors are alive and well that Jackie Chan, the 59-year-old action star who does his own stunts, really has fallen to death while filming a movie in Austria.

The rumors once again are that Chan died while doing one of his own stunts, and this time falling off of a 12-story building. Chan was the victim of a death hoax just a month ago when reports emerged that he had died in a vehicle crash.

Which is totally different from last time, Chan, who must be tired of having to assure the world that he’s still alive, Chan this time has not tweeted or messaged his fans to inform them that he’s still alive? Similarly like the last time all of the rumors are coming from less than reputable sources.


The leading newspaper says that the report of Chan’s death instigated at mediafetcher.com, which it portrays as a sort of user-generated MadLibs for celebrity death and dismemberment. Another leading newspaper says that Chan also wrote a Facebook message to his fans just to reassure them.

He stated that “If I died, I would probably tell the world!” the actor wrote. “I took a photo with today’s date, just in case you don’t believe me! However, thank you all for your concern. Kiss kiss and love you all!”

Chan was last reported dead in 2011, when he had supposedly died because of heart failure. Just another reminder that when the Internet says your favorite celebrity has passed away, you have a responsibility to remain doubtful.