Hermann Rorschach inkblot test – Google Doodle


A few days back Google honored Indian Nobel Laureate physicist C.V. Raman, then the human computer Shakuntala Devi and then an eminent psychologist Hermann Rorschach who is the creator of the ink blot test.

The black and white doodle portrayed the inkblot test by Rorschach and displayed a number of cards with different inkblot patterns.

A psychologist sat on the left of the cards and made notes as you tried to figure out the meaning of the patterns.

You could even share what you see on each card across multiple social networking platforms. There were various frames and furniture from Rorschach’s office in the background of the doodle.

Hermann Rorschach was a very famous German Freudian psychologist who was born in Zurich and spent most of his childhood in Switzerland. His obsession with ink-blots and the designs they made got him his nickname ‘Klecks’ which meant inkblot. He carried his love for klecksography to his career and attained much fame.

He was born on 8th November 1884 and was proficient in both arts and science. He had confusion choosing between Arts or Science as a career for higher education and was rescued by German biologist Ernst Haeckel who suggested him a career in Science.

Rorschach attained his degree from University of Zurich in medicine and then went on to become an apprentice of famous psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler who also taught Carl Jung. During this phase he discovered the inkblot test. He created a set of 10 cards with different inkblot patterns and began testing them on school children and noted down different responses.

They received both appreciation and criticism but much of the former. He died on April 1st 1922 at the tender age of 37. His contributions still live and prosper.