Health Care Reform: The new healthcare policy

The healthcare insurance enrolments are about to begin and customers are eager to know what these new policies have in store for them.

Many cancer suffering patients, just like Daniel, are anxious about what will President Obama’s healthcare law will offer to them.

The government officials are aggressively selling the benefits of Affordable Care Act, but what the customers actually want to know is that how this overhaul will affect them personally and whether or not will their local doctors and hospitals are included.

Officers and insurers are getting ready to answer all the queries of the customers as this time there are quite a lot of questions as compared to the answers.

The issue came into picture when Nelsons were informed by their insurance agent that they were among thousands of customers whose insurances were about to get cancelled at the end of the year and that they should buy a new policy as soon as the federal law reshapes the market.

The Nelsons aren’t the only ones who are shocked at the sudden change in the health care policy in nearly half a century. The new policy is estimated to hit the market on January 1st.

The changes in the policy have turned the lives of many citizens upside down. According to a recent poll conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation, about half the public admits that they don’t have sufficient information about the health law and hence they are not able to judge how it will affect their family.

Brad Miller, resident of Huntington Beach, says that he and his wife pay $1,200 per month for their health insurance and he thinks that with the new changes in the policy the comparable coverage will be expensive next year and that the federal subsidies won’t be able to help.

According to the federal law, every American should be having health insurance from next year’s starting. Also, based upon the income, certain citizens will qualify for free or subsidized coverage.

The state officials have warned many middle-income residents who don’t get their insurance through their employees that there could be an average rise of 30% in premiums.

Covered California, state’s new insurance exchange, has set October 1 as the target date to have online enrolment system up and running.

It will help the customers to calculate and compare the prices of specific health plans. A small conference is organized by the officials at Cerritos College in Norwalk to discuss with the customers, their problems and queries regarding the new policy.

The only relief that the customers can get from the new health overhaul is that, despite of the preexisting medical conditions, the insurers must accept all applicants.