BP CEO Hayward brings off his exit

Tony Hayward
BP’s Chief Tony Hayward wishes to have life back and one possible way to have it back is to step down from his position in the company. For all the damages that the Macondo well disaster, for the very long wait to have it solved, for the huge income losses of the businesses near the gulf and most importantly, for all the marine life that has been spared, we could clearly say that the image of BP nowadays is totally ruined.

According to Robert Peston, BBC business editor, “If the moment has more or less arrived for BP to start building a post-Macondo future, then it also needs a new public face, a new leader”. It clearly showed that in order to move on BP needs to have an overhaul and it would include having a new Chief.

A possible replacement who has been eyed for Hayward is his US colleague Bob Dudley, who is now in charge of the clean-up operation. He grew in Mississippi and according to BP, has a “deep appreciation and affinity for the Gulf Coast”. He joined the board last August 2009 and having the American accent with be very advantageous.

Hayward’s words before a congressional committee on energy and commerce hearing last month didn’t please the US congressmen. They labeled him of “stonewalling” questions and of “kicking the can (of responsibility) down the road”.

As to a news report in BBC, Hayward has been negotiating the terms of his exit, with a formal announcement likely within 24 hours.

Would you agree that Hayward would step down from his position? Feel free to give your comments here.