Hannah Anderson first public appearance


Hannah Anderson, the 16 years old teen, who was rescued on Saturday from her alleged abductor by the FBI agents made her first public appearance Thursday afternoon.

She arrived unexpectedly at the fundraiser held by Boll Weevil, a restaurant in Lakewood. 20 percent of proceeds were to be given to Anderson family to help Hannah pay the funeral expenses of her mother and brother.

Her mother and brother were murdered by their long time family friend James DiMaggio. The abductor was killed by the FBI agents on Saturday who said that he was shot at least five times.

Hannah made no statement as she walked into the fundraiser. However her father did make a short statement thanking the four horseback riders who noticed DiMaggio and felt something was wrong.

San Diego Country Sheriff’s office has released some documents according to which the DiMaggio had planned the murder and kidnapping very seriously.

Authorities said that Hannah was not aware of the death of her mother and her brother until after her rescue.

Hannah said that she wished she could go back in time and save them. The authorities also said that DiMaggio was sort of infatuated with the teen. Hannah also said that lately she was feeling uncomfortable around him but did not say anything as he was a family friend.

A new statement was released by the family thanking the people for their help and their love and support. When Hannah was asked about the punishment DiMaggio got, she said that he got what he deserved.