Halloween costumes 2013


According to a source, working for a firm which conducts the long-running National Retail Federation’s Halloween Top Costumes Survey, Halloween has become much important to the consumers over the past decade.

He also stated that though people are watching what they spend and have budget concerns, but then also the average American has spent $75 on Halloween this year, whereas, the average American has spent about $48 on Halloween back in 2005.

The celebration has undergone a lot of changes over the period of time, which includes most popular costumes, record breaking pumpkins and even more. On the Samhain eve, spirits were believed to walk the Earth as they traveled to the afterlife. Other creatures like Fairies and demons were also thought to be abroad.

Adding to the animal sacrificing to the gods and the assemblage around bonfires, Celts every so often wore costumes resembling the animal skin in order to confuse the spirits, possibly to avoid being possessed.

Halloween has always been a big business, but this year almost 158 million consumers will take part in Halloween activities this year, which is down a bit as compared to 2012’s 170 million people, which was the high mark in the decade.

Some of the Halloween spook stories just won’t die, even if there’s little element behind the scare. But experts say that there is little evidence for such fears, and that the few isolated incidents involving abused black cats were the work of disturbed people which often included adolescent or the loners.

A sociologist, Joel Best, said in 2010 that dangerous-candy rumors might be the act of demonstrating the fears and anxieties about the future.