GTA V, GTA Online Los Santos, and PC version: Grand Theft Auto V News, Rumors, and Updates

Rockstar North’s art director Aaron Garbut has gone on record stating about Los Santos being set in both the “GTA Online” multiplayer modes of “GTA 5” as well as its single player campaign.

He further disclosed that his team did not want to rebuild a real life city completely from scratch.

Mr Garbut explained that had the team gone on to recreate a place it would have been less convincing and less satisfying to both the players and developers.

He went on to discuss that only a small percentage of the “GTA” community has a vast knowledge of New York and Los Angeles.

The fifth instalment of “Grand Theft Auto” is based on Los Angeles and its surrounding regions. Past instalments were also based in Liberty City, taken from New York City and other fictional places borrowing different elements from real life cities.

In “GTA 5,” the gamers can explore Los Santos through three main characters that can be swapped in its single player campaign. The players can also create their own avatar in the multiplayer mode of “GTA Online.”

At the same time, a new “GTA 4” mod which is still a work in progres looks to let PC players finally experience the streets of Los Santos.

Rockstar is yet to announce the “GTA 5” PC version, but it is widely predicted, leaving many fans waiting with bated breath. While the wait continues, gamers can make do with maps and mods, but a mod developer has a grand vision, recreating Los Santos City from “GTA 5” in “GTA 4.”