Grand Theft Auto (GTA): San Andreas released for iOS


It has been almost two months since Rockstar launched the highly awaited and the epic Grand Theft Auto V. And now they are back again with a nostalgic trip for you.

GTA: San Andreas, the 2004 classic title which was based in California and Nevada has been brought to us again and this time on the iOS platform.

The game follows ex-gang kid Carl Jackson who returns to Los Santos to find his mother murdered and his family in ruins. From here we enter into missions with fierce shootouts, violent robberies and riding the BMX.

For the GTA V players who could not enjoy the PS2 era of the GTA San Andreas, it is pretty similar with respect to scenic attraction including Mount Chiliad and other familiar city areas like Downtown and the Marina.

It was one of the best Role Playing Game (RPG) of the era, and Carl was given a wealth of physical customizations as well as clothing options. If he ate much he became fat and if he did not go to the gym he became weak.

The visuals have been re-mastered, the lightings have been enhanced, character models have been improved and color scheme has also been worked upon.

The iPhone 5 series and the 4th gen iPad and above will also get dynamic shadows and real-time environmental reflections. Moreover, it supports iOS controllers as well, and even the check point system has been introduced in the game for convenient saving.

Among the long term fans of the franchise, SAN Andreas brings a really classy reminiscence. The game is priced at £4.99 and will also be launched for Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows Phone devices really soon.