Gran Turismo 6 for PS3 – Game Reviews


Gran Turismo 6 is the product of a singular vision, which Kazunori Yamauchi, a Japanese game designer and producer of the Gran Turismo series had, he is the only one who had an idea about the potential of a more serious console driving game and has seen the game getting developed from PS1 to PS2 and PS3.

A new UI in the Gran Turismo 6 is not at all exciting, but it makes a world of difference, as all the different modes and features are now arranged in neat vertical columns.

According to the reports, GT5 was already the benchmark for handling, but the latest version of the game has adopted a whole new system, in which the gamer has the choice of using data from tyre manufacturers Yokohama and suspension specialists KW to transform how the cars move and shift weight on the track.

The Gran Turismo 6 now features new tessellation techniques, new textures and a new lighting model used in the game breathes new life into much-loved tracks like Autumn Ring and Deep Forest, whereas the city tracks in Madrid, Rome and London at the same time looks brilliant. The cars used in the game are also spectacularly detailed.

So, conclusively the Gran Turismo 6 is the best of GT, with superb graphics and physics that tests the PS3 to its very limits. The content used in the game is satisfactory and leaves no space for complaints as the game now has a massive car list, an impressive track-list and a good selection of special events.