GoPro Camera accessories: Actioncam360, 360° video for GoPro Hero3+ camera


GoPro’s popular range of cameras continues to grow with the recent launch of their Hero3+ line. Being the most popular action cam means there’s already a vast range of accessories available, all aiming to help users capture the action from the best vantage point, but there’s still room for some interesting innovations from smaller companies, the actioncam360 is one of them.

The actioncam360 is a gadget which attaches to user camera to allow 360° video capture (only GoPro Hero2 and Hero3 at the moment, but there are future plans for other action cams).

Many of Product Reviews readers will know 360 cameras well from seeing Google’s Street View camera in action, and this isn’t too far away from what that technology does.

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While the average consumer might not want to create 360-degree video, many GoPro camera owners will love the idea and ability to make their action videos a lot more interactive.

Once the user has taken the footage, the included software is used to process the video and make it fully interactive, with viewers then able to turn the view during replay to look in any direction so when a friend behind makes a great jump or stylish wipe-out they’re always in shot and able to be seen.


The Actioncam 360 is also waterproof and can tolerate water up to 40 meters, so it seems soon the limits will truly be down to user imagination

Consumer level 360° imaging is an area that’s really taking off right now with a number of exciting projects currently on crowd funding sites.

The Panonono panoramic ball camera is aiming to raise $900,000 on whilst the actioncam360 is raising funds on Keen readers can head over to find more details.