Google’s new service – Google Helpouts


Google has come up with a highly innovative service that lets users pay for live video chat sessions with experts in specific fields, who are determined to provide anything from a step-by-step turkey cooking instruction to something as critical as marriage counseling.

Currently, Google Helpout services comprises of nearly 1,000 partners in fields ranging from fashion, fitness and computers, to topics like cooking. You can choose according to your needs and have one-on-one live consultation.

The duration of the video sessions range from as short as fifteen minutes to sessions that can go on for several hours.

Everything depends on the topic and requirement, and of course the pricing set by each individual provider.

This new video consultation service is an expansion to the traditional web search service being provided by Google, which for the past several years has been the best to answer the questions asked by its users by directing people to the most appropriate pages.

While Google still remains at the top of the world’s internet search engines list, there has been an apparent increase in the number of people turning to social networks like Facebook for advice and recommendations about movies, restaurants and other topics of interest.

Vice-President of engineering at Google said, “Most of the world’s useful information still resides in people’s heads and ‘Helpouts’ opens the door to that information as well.”

20 percent of the total fee collected by the help providers will go to Google, though Google has initially waved this fee for experts in the health category.