Google Nexus 8 will compete with Apple iPad Mini – Tablet News and Rumors

Google Nexus 8
Google Nexus 8?

If rumors are to be believed, then very soon we will being seeing a brand new 8-inch Nexus device joining the Android Nexus and Windows RT camps and competing with the Apple iPad mini in the 8-inch tablet market.

Google has been seen letting renders of its upcoming products slip through material meant for marketing purpose. The Nexus 5 was spotted in an early KitKat promo event and just a few days back an unseen Nexus 7 like device, but with a thinner bezel appeared on the Android KitKat apps and entertainment page but was quickly removed.

The mystery device was removed and replaced with details about the already available Nexus 7. Theory and predictions suggest that the mystery device was Google’s answer to the iPad mini in the form of an 8 inch tablet which is being called the Nexus 8.

The only spotted difference in design between the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 8 is the thinner bezels, but there are theories suggesting a missing front camera, which sits on the top right hand corner of the Nexus 7.

Now another question that pops us as a consequence of this leak is that which OEM will be given the responsibility to manufacture this new device. Will it be ASUS? Or could it be Samsung or LG? Maybe it is Google’s recently acquired company Motorola. Samsung could be a favorite as it has manufactured the Nexus 10 too.

For buyers that favor Google products over Apple, a high-resolution 8-inch Nexus tablet could be a highly attractive option that will undercut the new iPad mini Retina.