Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad Mini Retina Display vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0: Price, Specs, Features, and Comparison

A few years back it was only the Apple iPad that was the sole ruler of the tablet market and had no competitors. But the time has changes and currently there are a number of tablets in the market that are legitimate competitors against Apple devices.

Let’s look at some of these tablets and try to figure out the difference among these.

Battery Backup
It has been seen that battery backup is a significant issue in smarpthones and not in tablets. However, Apple’s iPad Mini with Retina Display has only 10 hours of battery backup as compared to the 11 hours backup of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. The Nexus 7 lies at the bottom of the list with only 9 hours of battery backup.

Display Size
The Samsung Galaxy tab supersedes the iPad Mini with Retina display but only by a minor 0.1 inches. The iPad Mini has a display of 7.9 inches while the Galaxy Tab has a screen size of 8 inches. The Nexus 7 again lies at the bottom with a 7-inches display.

The iPad comes set with the iOS 7, while the Galaxy Tab runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The Nexus 7 comes pre-loaded with Android 4.3. Comparing iOS and Android or even different versions of Android would be out of scope here.

Apple is a world renowned brand name and to carry this brand name you have to pay a little heavy price. Out of the three the iPad is undoubtedly the costliest and starts at a whopping $399. The Nexus 7 on the other hand starts at $229 and the Galaxy Tab which has only one storage variant (16GB) starts at $299.