Google Chromecast gets an update to support more apps


Around five months ago Google had unveiled its HDMI streaming dongle and that too at a surprisingly affordable price. The device received a lot of appreciation and the hardware received an incredibly positive reaction.

However, people were waiting for Google to do something more interesting with it and it seems that the wait is now over as the Google Chromecast has received a major update which allows it to support more apps than there have been ever made available before on the platform.

All the service add-ons that were previously launched for the Chromecast were all part of the premium service, but this latest batch of add-ons offers a great deal more.

Some of the apps that have been added to the lineup include VEVO, RedBull.TV, Songza, PostTV, Viki, Revision 3, and BeyondPod.

Now you stream content from these apps to your television. Apps like Plex, Avia and RealPlayer cloud have been added to the local content. Avia requires you to unlock the feature by purchasing it once you get the Chromecast. It is not supported out of the box.

Surprisingly there has been no mention of the Chromecast Hackathon that took place this past weekend. There have been no further talks or discussion after the initial announcement.

It was expected that the developers would get a proper SDK after the event but it looks like Google has not decided anything yet. Fortunately after the revelation of the Miracast feature in Android 4.4.1, this adventure is far from over.