Good Music Makes Your Soul Glow And Sweet Dreams Are Inevitable

Good MusicMusic, good music is like the feeling of ice cold water down the throat in a hot thirsty afternoon. Its that refreshing. Its the soft caresses of sheets on a tired body after a hard days job. It makes the soul glow, makes the spirit sour, ignites the flames within a heart. It triggers and fuels inspirations.

Good music should never be relative to an individual’s taste. It is not again listened with the ears, it is felt. If good music is what is found in heaven then that absolutely becomes the next island to pay homage.

It is interesting to note that good music goes beyond language boundaries. English, Spanish, Greek, French, Swahili etc are not of prime importance. Music speaks its own language which can be felt by the deaf and even sung by the dumb. When for instance I listen to the French or Spanish mellow music, I cant get the words, but however I feel connected and drift to a different world far beyond the realm of the physical matter. That’s what good music should do.

If every soul learns the magic of good singing then the world will be one peaceful paradise. A classical example of the healing music power was evidenced in 1991 after Michael Jackson released the timeless ?Heal the world’ hit which featured children living in countries suffering from unrests. The song was a formidable tool in bringing unity and love among people. It was used extensively in charity work other than the fact that it was an amazing composition. That’s what beautiful music does.

As a general rule, most people resort to good music, the mellow thawing lyrics just before retiring to bed. The effect is magical! Try it. Regardless of all the pent up stress and disappointments of the day, good sweet mellow music will always let your body relax and prepare the systems for a shut down. Sweet dreams are inevitable.