Gmail is Down Causing Rants from Users

Gmail, Google’s popular free email service has been reportedly encountered a system outage! A lot of its 36 million users are crying out in twitter and other social bookmarking sites saying that: “Google is Down! Google is DOWN!!”

The cause of Gmail’s outage, which Google said lasted for about 45 minutes was not yet clear by early Tuesday evening.

Gmail problems easily became a top trending topic in twitter with a lot of twitter users suddenly trading updates and linking to blogs with the latest updates on Gmail’s server error problems.

Fortunately, at 5:37 pm Eastern Time, Google updated its Google blog and said: “”We’ve fixed the issue, and Gmail should be back up and running as usual. We’re still investigating the root cause of this outage, and we’ll share more information soon.”

How about you? Did you encounter any problems accessing your gmail accounts? I wonder which countries experienced their gmail accounts down. However, for those ones experiencing the same problems, here is an alternate way to access your gmail accounts.