German Octopus Paul Favors Spain as World Cup Champion

2010 World Cup’s final match is getting near. Of the 32 teams, Spain and Netherlands would face each other for championship title. Netherlands has the awesome record of no loss in the entire season. This match has been sought after by all the FIFA fans around the globe.

Aside from that, fans are also looking forward if the prediction of the oracle octopus of Germany would be true. The sea creature never failed to predict all the matches of Germany and even predicted its loss to Spain. It predicted that between the match of Spain and Netherlands, Spain would bag the win.

Paul, as what they call the octopus is kept at Sea Life in Oberhausen, Western Germany.To help Paul make his predictions, the staff lowers two boxes of food into his tank, one with a Spanish flag and the other bearing that of their Dutch opponent. It chooses the tank of the team who will win the upcoming match.

It has been clearly shown that the creature rests on the tank having the Spanish flag. This is only a prediction and doesn’t totally tell what will happen. To win the match, the team should have the skill, determination and team work.