George W. Bush has a heart surgery and gets a stent for heart blockage


Former President George W. Bush had to get a stent implanted in his hearth to open up a artery where blood flow had been restricted due to a blockage, as told by Bush’s spokesman Freddy Ford.

The procedure was performed by surgeons at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. The procedure was successful without any complications and the former president is recovering well.

His spokesman Ford said that this blockage had been discovered during an annual physical examination of George W. Bush at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas. The doctors had recommended this stent to be placed to open the blockage and former president Bush had agreed.

Although Bush did not have any heart attack or any kind of complication, the doctors had reasons to get the stent in place to open the blockage before there could be anything worse. Bush is known for being a vigorous and active athlete who does a lot of biking and running on a strenuous schedule.

Bush does not want to take a lot of medication as he does not want the side-effects the medicines weak, which could leave him too weak to manage his daily activities. Bush’s spokesman told the media that the former president will soon be ready to get back to his daily life.

He also added that the former President was very grateful to the doctors and all the skilled medical professionals who had cared for him. The President also thanked his family, friends and fellow citizens for all their prayers and well wishes.