G Pen vaporizer features and review


The G Pen is a good quality pen vaporizer. The pen is very nicely build and the stainless steel components used to make it gives a very classy and appealing look. Adding on to it, the unit is extremely lightweight and can be easily passed as a high end pen.

The G Pen works so well even though the heating chamber is tiny, which makes the vapor quality simply superb, but, at the same time the limitation of the G-Pen is that it can only be used with oils and/or concentrates and another drawback is that due to the small filling chamber, the user really can’t get more than 3-4 very large draws from each filling. The button on the unit needs to be pressed 5 times to enable its functionality.

The manufacturers of the G Pen have thought through very well before designing this unit. The G Pen is very easy to use and can be easily carried in a pocket. This pen is as discreet as it comes.

The unit is literally the size of a ballpoint pen because of which it can fit easily into user’s pocket, a briefcase and a purse. When carrying it, the user just needs to be careful as the oils used in it are extremely viscous.

Overall the unit is great little portable device specifically manufactured for an expert who is looking to inhale vapors from oils and/concentrates. The user must not forget to buy the G Pen Travel Case for the convenient travel of your vaporizer.