Fun Ways To Exercise

Fun Ways To Exercise

It is surprising that many people still think that exercising consists of either lifting huge heavy weights or just going for a run round the block for a few minutes that’s why we want to bring you the top 10 fun ways to exercise

. There actually is a whole bunch of fun way to exercise, which are not only good for you but encourage you to stick with them.


Let’s start our list of top 10 fun ways to exercise with spinning. What’s spinning? Well, let’s just say that it does not require you to spin around in a circle standing on the spot. Spinning is kind of like a crazy bike ride that you do as a group with a bunch of other people and one motivating instructor. Not only is it a good workout it’s a great load of fun as well. Go! Go! Go!

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a great way to get a full body workout without getting board. You take part in a circuit of about 10 exercises but do each one for only two minutes and a short rest time, before moving onto the next station. It’s good for you and you are not likely to get fed up with it.


Boxercise is one tough workout for those of you who also want to let out a little aggression. It is kind of like aerobics but with boxing based exercises. Don’t worry you don’t have to actually hit anyone, well not unless they walk in your way.

Jogging With a Buddy

For those of you who are just starting to exercise it can be a very daunting process to do it alone. Why not start your exercise journey by simply going for a jog, not a lone, but with a workout buddy. Set up a schedule and stick it with it together that way neither of you can slack off.


Soccer players are some of the most fit athletes around but the game itself is tons of fun. It is called the beautiful game for a reason. Soccer is simple, fun and almost anyone can play it. The way to play and have fun with soccer is to find a group of player that are at your level and form soccer teams with and start kicking the ball.

Aqua Aerobics

In the middle of our top 10 fun ways to exercise is Aqua Aerobics, which is pretty much what it sounds like. You take part in an aerobics class except that you are doing it in a swimming pool and with a bunch of other people. Not only is it fun but its also very low impact a safe for your joints and one of the best ways to improve arthritis as well. Aqua Aerobics is a great fun exercise for the elderly.

Video Game Fitness

This may sound weird but there is a ton of video games out there these days that are made specifically to get you fit. They are made for both men and women and for people of all fitness levels. What better way to get fit than by playing a video game, which can keep you entertained.

Tennis, Squash or Badminton

These three individual sports are some of the best and mot fun sport activities you can try. They are similar a lot of ways and are actually quite popular world wide. They all require you to have a racket, a ball a net and an opponent, you are then set to have some fun as well as a great hour of  exercise.

P90x: The Revolutionary Exercise Program

If you are in the world of fineness and exercise, you must have heard of the revolutionary fitness and exercise program called P90X. This is system of exercise and routines combined with yoga, developed by fitness specialist Tony Horton. It is tons and tons of fun and can be followed easily from the comfort of your home. If you have already tried the original P90X, are you ready for the next one? P90X 2 is now out, which should add a lot more fun to your exercises.

Play a Team Sport for Fun Ways to Exercise

If none of the above top 10 fun ways to exercise excites you, you can simply find a team sport that you enjoy to participate in. Playing your favorite sport is a great way to stay in shape. Even if you have not played for years think of a sport you enjoyed as a kid and take it up again. The best part about this is most of the time as you are having so much fun it does not even feel like your working out.