Florida Movie Theatre Shooting: Chad Oulson and Curtis Reeves Jr.


Curtis Reeves Jr, aged 71, is a Retired Tampa, Fla., police captain, who was accused on Monday for second-degree murder, as the retired captain killed Chad Oulson, aged 43 in an argument which started over because Oulson was texting her daughter, while he was watching movie at a theatre.

An information which was highlighted by Reeves’ lawyer during a court hearing on Tuesday unveiled that the retired captain, once was a homicide detective and regularly visits a local First Baptist church and attends Bible study meeting.

According to one of the latest report, Reeves was quiet at the hearing. Whereas, he had support of family and church members during the hearing, his lawyer in order to defend him, stated him as God-fearing member of his community.

Reeves lawyer also defended him by stating that his client was first hit on his face with an unknown object, so he had every right to defend himself.
Lynn Tepper, who is the Circuit Judge took a final decision after going through all proofs and affidavits that Reeves will face life time imprisonment for the crime he committed.

She also offended Reeves lawyer by saying that an unknown object should not provoke someone to a level of taking out a gun and firing at his chest.

Adding on to it, she also said that if that is the case than it without any doubt have been to effect the death.

She continued by stating that the court will still be continuing to find something more which might also be a cause of the murder.