Flir One thermal camera for iPhone 5/5S features real thermal imaging and heat vision – Price, Features, and Specs Review


Even in today’s world thermal imaging devices are still something that we see in movies or used by professionals – but a new camera/case that has been especially developed for the iPhone by a firm known as FLIR, give you real thermal imaging and heat vision and that too at a very reasonable price.

It can be applied from finding problems in constructions to sot muggers in a dark alley. The applications are fairly easy to imagine.

The FLIR One, which is being showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is a case for the high phone which features built-in cameras for capturing heat and a normal image, allowing you to view one or both.

The resolution and accuracy of the device are almost half as accurate as of multi-thousand dollar devices, but it’s still quite sensitive.

As an example, we tested it on a hand touching a box and the residual heat was visible to the imager and so were some footsteps or some other trace would be. And even a cup of tea, a cold beer and some exposed skin also showed at almost the same temperature as they should have been.

The case is as big as a normal battery case and neither is the case too bulky. The case uses its own power source so you need not worry about the battery of your iPhone.

You can charge your case separately. And when you see the price tag of $350, it is an impulse which you cannot resist. And the cheap thermal imaging will help you doing handy stuff like a bit of home maintenance or spotting wildlife or people in a dark alley.

For more technical details about the device, you can log onto the FLIR website.