Flir One features, specs review, and price: Thermal camera for iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C

FLIR Systems flashed its FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera case for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 at CES 2014, which allows users to display heat signatures from humans, animals, and environmental sources up to 100 feet away.

In addition to its infrared capabilities it also includes a rechargeable battery that can power the case for up to two hours and it also helps in increasing the battery life of an iPhone by 50 percent. 

Thermal imaging makes no difference between day and night – it detects infrared heat sources and shows them as heat maps.

The Flir One’s camera also indicates relative heat levels, showing different colors for different heat levels like warm, cold, hot and very hot. It also recognizes heat sources in smoky environments.

The FLIR One costs $349, the resolution of the thermal image is low, but the jacket also contains a regular, visible-spectrum camera and overlays the images for a more detailed picture. The phone can take stills of the heat images and can record videos too.

The camera is controlled via the free FLIR MX app, which works with IOS and above. The FLIR One camera case fits iPhone 5, 5S and 5C handsets and comes in grey, gold and white colors.

The iPhone version of the Flir One will go on sale this spring whereas its android version is planned for launch later in the year. The SDK kit will also be provided for developers so that they can create their own apps based on thermal charging.