Fitbit Flex price, features, and specs review


Fitbit Inc. is the company which is renowned for its activity trackers, wireless-enabled wearable devices that measure data such as the number of steps walked, quality of sleep, and other personal metrics.

The Fitbit Flex is the unsealed wristband unit. Even though, the device is worn on the wrist, the device itself is separate from the wristband.

The company gives two wristband in the box, one is small and the other is large, each band comes with plenty of clasp points, to ensure a perfect fit for anyone.

The dashboard in the Fitbit flex helps the user to keep a longer-term record of the activity done by them. With the dashboard or the Fitbit app the user can easily log his/her food too.

The Fitbit Flex is also capable of tracking the movements while the user is asleep, this mode can be turned on with a series of taps on the tracker.

It also breaks down your sleep time into deep and light sleep, which helps the user to understand that how much rest the user really got. The device has the capability to sense such movement just because of the accelerometer installed in it.

About the battery life of the device, the company claims that the Flex is good for five days of use on a full charge, which is probably a little conservative.

Along with the Flex and two wrist bands, the box also consists of a USB wireless dongle, which helps the user to directly plug-in the device and charge it.

Flex also has Bluetooth 4.0 support, which lets the Fitbit Flex to send data to the devices while hardly consuming any power compared to previous Bluetooth versions.

The device is reasonably priced at $ 99.99, pretty convenient to slot into one’s life and is water resistant.