Finally, Monopoly Isn’t Getting Rid of Jail


Game-maker Hasbro Inc. has finally decided to remove the jail from its latest version of the iconic Monopoly board game to woo kids and help shorten the amount of time it takes to play.

The major, luring and rather jaw-dropping changes are meant to make the game more appealing to younger children who don’t have the patience for longer games, says the gaming company. Monopoly Empire is specially designed to be completed in as little as 30 minutes, a far cry from the marathon sessions that can take place with the original.

In the latest release of the game, the gamer will no longer be collecting properties in the game, either. The latest version will be all about buying and trading the world’s top brands, which opens the door for obvious marketing plays by Xbox, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Samsung, among others.

But the absence of jail is that what takes away an element that seems essential to the heart of the Monopoly experience. The risk of going to jail adds nearly as much stress in traditional Monopoly as landing on an opponent’s hotel-adorned property and having to mortgage your own holdings, though it can also act as a let-off for players when cash is low and people are approaching the people in your neighborhood.

The company has a perception that the time, however, is something kids no longer have. That’s the only reason why Hasbro is making quickie versions of several other games as well, including Boggle and Scrabble. The company’s official stated that the most luring and the appealing component is that the Parents and children demands for a quick in-and-out, frictionless gaming experience.