FIFA 14: Every 90 minutes nearly 1 million goals scored

FIFA 14 is a very popular and widely-played game throughout the world, recently EA sports released an info graphic which contains FIFA 14’s most notable worldwide stats, including the most played match-ups, favorite teams and players, and how many goals are scored every 90 minutes.

The information shows that the total goals scored every 90 minutes are around 1 million, adding on to this information other fun facts include goalkeepers saving 1.9 million of the 3.66 million shots taken in the time it takes to play a match, whereas Ronaldo has scored more than 35 million goals till date.

It is the latest in the longest-running football video game series in the world, which features different modes such as Fifa Ultimate Team, career mode, and online matches against your mates to ensure that Fifa 14 is always in serious danger of taking over your life.

The figures for the total number of players, wins, games and number of shot were released by the EA Sports blog in the form of an info graphic information. With the release, the company also gave the detailed information about the most popular and successful players among other statistics.

In the company’s official blog, all the statistics and the detailed information about the most popular match-ups, the most used goal-scorers and the most transferred players in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is clearly mentioned.

EA sports, which creates and develops sports video games is still in process to deliver title updates for the game on all platforms, but at present the company is only focusing on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, as both the consoles are now equipped with new and more powerful engine.

The company is also providing the titles for the 3DS, PSP, PS2, PS3, Vita, Wii, Xbox 360 and the PC.