Family Guy petition to bring back Brian Griffin


Few days ago, there were reports suggesting that the Family Guy’s long-serving, alcohol-loving pet Brian Griffin has died on the series.

Brian, the smart and the amusing family dog, after being hit by a car, though in a rather realistic fashion, died in front of his loving family and life-long companion Stewie.

The news has disappointed several Family Guy fans, and the fans are disappointed to such an extent that they took this news to Twitter in an attempt to get back their beloved character back in action.

According to some of the Family Guy’s fans “Brian Griffin was an important part of their viewing experience,” and also added a funny and sophisticated element to the show.

Though after getting hit by the car, there were hopes that he might survive but his injuries proved to be very severe and lead to fatality.

Steve Callaghan, executive producer of the show, made a statement to one of the leading newspaper that “The idea got pitched in the writers’ room and it kind of caught fire, and then everyone in the team thought that it could be a fun way to shake things up.”

Callaghan, soon after the idea popped up, started thinking about the next couple of episodes and finally implemented this idea because he wanted to see that how this idea will affect the family dynamics and the characters, adding to which he also felt that it would be more traumatic to lose one of the kids, rather than the family pet.