Fallout 4 email is hoax, confirmed by Bethesda

For all those who have been readily hoping for any news about the Fallout 4 release, they can ignore the latest news about an email from the Fallout publisher.

An email inferring an announcement on 12th of January and allegedly sent by Bethesda has proved out to be nothing but a prank played by some hoaxer. Bethesda meanwhile confirms that the firm has not said anything about the game or its release.

Recently an email was surfaced, supposedly sent by Bethesda Softworks that stated an announcement on 12-01-2014.

The email was written in Fallout-Style font which fueled the hoax and made the readers to believe that the announcement is definitely for Fallout 4 and Bethesda will announce it on the date mentioned in the email.

The news was reported when A Reddit user posted an image of the email. However Bethesda has confirmed that neither the email nor the contents in it are true.

Explaining the prank, Bethesda said that it is just like another fan hoax. Bethesda tweeted on its official Twitter account for Fallout that they are not announcing any games from their merchandise store.

Pete Hines, vice president of PR and marketing for Bethesda also told that they do not announce releases via mail.

Well turned out to be a prank, the image has definitely surfaced the eagerness among the fans and players who are anxiously waiting for the game or any news about it. Gamers are keenly waiting for another installment in the Fallout series.

However back in December Bethesda did hint that they will not be releasing any sequel to the Fallout 3 on or near Christmas but shifting the focus to bring out more surprises in 2014.