Facebook Reached 500 Million Users

The social networking giant Facebook who just started from a small community of students in Harvard now reached 500 million users. It seems to be just yesterday when it was launched in the year 2004. In the last 6 months it has reached 100 million users and now, 500 million.

The site has been considering the number to be “an important milestone” and it was “humbled and inspired” by the stories of its users, which it is asking people to share on the site. In UK alone, there has been 26 million users already and millions from the other parts of the world. This social networking site has kept the bond of relatives in distant places, childhood friends, former university classmates even kindergarten. Reaching this number right now has been very impressive and reaching the first billion is in no doubt.

As the site continues to gain users, it’s rivals has been left out. MySpace and Bebo was not able to keep up with Facebook. Only one has been promising and it is Twitter. It’s been hard to Measure Twitter traffic as many users do not interact with the service through the website. Instead, they use desktop software and mobile phones. However, it is estimated to be approaching 200m users. However, the two sites is far beyond comparison as they both have their unique style in social networking.

Congratulations Facebook!