EverQuest Next to be launched on Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) – Rumors, news, and features


John Smedley, the President of Sony Online Entertainment, proudly introduced EverQuest Next, describing it as ‘the climax of the dreams’ of their team on last Friday.

Dave Georgeson, EverQuest Director of Development, said that they wanted to create something both heroic and social, something that would not leave their loyal fans behind.

Norrath has become a familiar place with new stories. The new game has 40 classes, breakable environments and some already present regions of the original game. Sony Online Entertainment has teamed up with Wikia to present their fans with MMO so as to get their feedbacks.

Their main aim is to know what their super fans like and dislike about the new game. This feedback in the early stages of development will help them to decide where they want to take the EverQuest Next. The game features an enhanced AI environment that will learn from the player’s action.

Jeremy Soule, the man behind the soundtrack of The Elder Scrolls, will compose music for EverQuest Next, revealed by SOE. Soule feels honored to be a part of this world’s best team.

Dave Georgeson while speaking to Shack News says that they first want a kickass game on PC before switching to any other platform. The release date is not out yet.

Answering to the question of what does the future hold for EverQuest Next and SOE; David Georgeson said that the players will decide that and that he is happy this way. The next target of SOE is to launch EverQuest Next on PS4.