Erbie Bowser killed his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend in a shooting rampage


Erbie Bowser, a former special education teacher and a one time dancer for the Dallas Maverick’s male team, was arrested on Wednesday for killing four people and injuring other four.

His ex-girlfriend and ex-wife were among the four people that Erbie killed. CBS Dallas-Fort Worth said that family members claimed that Erbie was looking for his Ex-girlfriend at both of the houses involved in shooting.

The first house is located in southwest Dallas while the second house is some 10 miles away in Desoto. Desoto Police Cpt. Melissa Frank says that Bowser was arrested on Wednesday at the second crime scene.

Dallas police states that the attack only ended when Bowser ran out of ammunition. When Bowser was arrested, he kept on repeating his name, rank and serial number. He also had tattoos identifying him as being in military.

U.S army officials later confirmed that Bowser did served from October 1991 to November 2000. After this he was employed as a special education teacher from December 2001 to March 2010, says Laura Jobe, a spokeswoman for the Mesquite Independent School district.

The police are trying to figure out the reasons that made the former teacher allegedly kill. He was described as a gentle giant and was liked by all his colleagues. Bowser, however, has had some previous brushes with the law. He was arrested for violating a protective order recently.

The charges were dismissed though. Dallas and Desoto police says that the charges are pending against Erbie Bowser.